I seem to have a lot of built up aggression... probably from having to drive through the never ending construction on I-95 in Philadelphia on a daily basis... Well the lovely ladies at Philly Roller Girls gave me some lessons in an effort to put that aggression to good use and become a Derby Girl!

In a society that has become overly PC, I've found myself in situations where I seem to fly under the radar. I don't know if it's because people too scared to offend me, or if they are really just that complacent. Nonetheless, I'm going to push the limits and attempt things that everyone thinks about doing.

Even in the midst of the government get back to work, the debate between the Liberals and Conservatives continues to linger on over Obamacare... I can't listen to it any more... So I tried to help.

Working out... not something I do a lot... I think it's time to start. My friend Liz Corkum (Coach Corky Runs) trains me to compete in my first big race!

A PSA from Stare at Shannon on a new under utilized service animal.