I always wondered what would happen if I went through the drive thru in my wheelchair. Here's what happened! Tune in for episode 2, coming soon!! 

Episode 2 of Stare at Shannon... I think every kid who grew up in the 80's knows DeLoreans are the time travel device of choice. With "Emmit's" help, I got to drive 88mph in one! Let's see the crazy antics I get into when I go back in time....

What better way to start the new year than a new Stare at Shannon episode? I takle an iconic Philly movie!

Aubrie Williams and I took on President Obama's Inauguration, in an effort to get me a job! It was an amazing adventure... Enjoy!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this video possible!! 

My true love is just out of reach.... It's the closest I am going to get to the Oscars this year... but next year....

There's carriage rides, Segway tours, and Ride the Ducks, but Shannon takes giving tours of Philadelphia to a new level. 

As an actress, Shannon finds herself in between projects... So she decides to explore a new profession for some extra money... Let's see how that goes! Thank you to Jo Anne Jacobs and the PA Pole Academy! 

Shannon goes on an adventure to meet her new "best friend," the wonderful Chris P. Bacon. Here's their day!